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Bald Eagle

Published May 23, 2012 by lyrisamil

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Lyris has had a GREAT couple of weeks since her first round of chemo and now we’re on to the second round this week.

She ended the school year on a high note by participating in field day yesterday.  She had a great time with all of her classmates.   THANK YOU to her teachers Mrs Cronan and Mrs. Fortson for all of their love and support!!  MUAH, MUAH, MUAH!  We would also like to thank all of the other teachers, staff and parents at KCSMA that have sent “smile” gifts and lots of encouragement her way.  Lyris is really easy to please and the smallest gesture always plants a  big smile on her face.

The time has finally come…….. we are officially BALD!!  We cut all of our hair yesterday When I said I was going to cut my hair, people kept asking “Are you going to cut ALL OF It?”  The initial shock of cutting all of my hair was scary, but I would not and could not let my child go through losing her hair alone. We wish we could take our kids pain away, but the reality is, we can’t.  We can’t feel her pain, we can’t take her chemotherapy treatments for her,  we can’t feel when she’s being poked and prodded by the nurses and doctors.   All we can do is watch. Cutting my hair was the one thing I could do to be able to say  “I truly understand how you feel”.  You never know what you’ll do until your faced with circumstance.

As you know, Lyris could not wait to get a wig.  Guess what, I made her a wig, but she is sooooo excited about being bald, she doesn’t want to wear it!!  She is showing off her baldness.  Can you believe it!   She has been walking around all day BALD, no wig or hat, just bald.  Let me tell you how silly Lyris is.  She said excitedly, mommy look  (she was swinging her head around in circles), she said laughing ” I can’t whip my hair back and forth because I don’t have any.” 🙂

After all that mushy stuff I said in the other paragraph……I’m wearing my wig!  I’ll be wearing it until we fine tune my head.  I shaved it myself, so it’s a mess right now.

I never really stopped to think in depth about an Eagle until this entry. “Bald Eagle”, it just seemed like a perfect fit.  Once I began to write, it seemed even more perfect than I initially realized.  Eagles are a sign of freedom.  Eagles soar.  Eagles are strong and beautiful.  Lyris is an Eagle.


Oh HAIR no!!!

Published May 13, 2012 by lyrisamil

Just FYI:  Lyris completed her shots and did absolutely Magnificent!  Thanks to one of my wonderful clients.  Thanks a million Lisa!  Lisa is a nurse and  lives down the street from us.   She offered to come by everyday to give Lyris her shots.  In addition, she bought a gift everyday to make things a little easier…..and it did.  🙂

Lyris went back to school on Wednesday and was greeted with a warm welcome.  She was a little nervous, but her friends were happy to see her!  They made her a Healthy Cookbook that she can’t wait to use.  Lyris was a little tired (as we all were trying to get back into our normal routine).  The teachers were GREAT and accommodating!  One of the teachers brought in a wheelchair for Lyris to use instead of the crutches.  She was extremely happy about being wheeled around all day.  She’s telling me right now, “everyone wanted to ride in the wheelchair, even Mrs. Frey (the Principal)”   That definitely helped preserve some of her energy to allow her to do what she does best…..TALK!!!  When I picked her up, she talked non-stop.  Normally, I would have told her to take a breather but, for me it was like a song I wanted to keep playing.

Lyris  leg has definitely begun to heal.  She is walking much better.  She still has a little limp, but she’s getting around very well.

We all know that one of the side effects of Cancer is hair loss.  Well the day has come, Saturday morning (5/12/12) I noticed hair on Lyris floor next to her bed and I gasped.  It wasn’t a lot, but it definitely wasn’t normal.  I said Lyris, “Why is their hair on your floor?”  She said, “I pulled it out, there was something in my hair.”  Then I took her ponytail holder out and her hair came out with it.  I told her that her hair was beginning to come out and she said, “YEAH, I CAN GET A WIG NOW!”

While Lyris is happy, mommy was hoping the hair would at least wait until after her birthday.  Mommy, is going to have to go through intense therapy to prepare for her hair cutting day!  OMG!!!

We are preparing for her next round of Chemotherapy on May 22 as well as her 6th Birthday party on June 3rd.  We will be in the hospital right before and right after her birthday.  So we are going to be really busy but have lots of fun!!

Rough Weekend, but it’s better now!

Published May 8, 2012 by lyrisamil

After leaving the hospital Thursday, we went on a little “roller coaster” ride. Not literally of course but at home.  (I’m crazy, but not that crazy :). We got a crash course in nursing before we left the hospital.  We were told we had to give Lyris an injection for the next 10 days.  I almost fainted!  I can do a lot of things, but sticking a needle in someone, not  happening.  I told the nurse that and she said “you can do it”, I said, “no I can’t”. Next thing I know, she had us practicing on an orange.  I got whoozy just from cleaning the orange with an alcohol pad.  I really can’t do this.  Dad did great!  The nurse even let him stick her in the arm.


Time to give Lyris the shot!  Daddy’s not home, he had to go to work, so who’s going to do it? Not me.  I picked up the phone and called for backup.  My cousin came over to do it until Lyris said she wanted mommy to do it.  I was like “noooooo”, but I prepped myself and put the gloves on.  I was all set to try until Lyris began to cry.  I was already nervous.  Now I’m about to cry.  I can’t do this!   I probably would have ended up sticking myself in the finger because I was so nervous.  We were both scared and a wreck.  I think my cousin had enough of the dramatics.   Cousin Keesh took over and got it done. Thanks Keesh!


The worst day since we started treatment. It wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t as good as the other days.  Lyris was extremely fatigued.  She wouldn’t play with her brother.  She wasn’t eating.  She attempted to eat and vomited each time.  After that, she refused to eat.  She was afraid she was going to vomit again.  The worst part of the day was not seeing her smile.

Even though she wasn’t her normal, happy, talkative self.  We still want things to be as normal as possible.  We got Lyris dolled up with her cute little skirt and her new sandals, hoping that would make her feel a little better.  She had a couple of friends over, but she didn’t really interact with them.  Later that evening, we decided to go to the park to see Puss n Boots.  She did good considering the day we had.


Getting better.  Lyris woke up and wanted to play with some of her toys.  Her and J.D. even started arguing over the toys.  Which was music to my ears.  I have never been so happy to hear them fight.  She vomited a couple of times, but she was okay.  Things were beginning to feel a little normal again.  Lyris ate a couple of spoonfuls of broth and then she asked for spaghettio’s.  I was shocked!  Okay, she’s feeling better.  She really perked up and ended up at the game room with auntie.


Wonderful!!!  Lyris is almost back! She ate an entire can of soup, played for a little while and started her school work.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

“Mommy, I’m moving!”

Published May 1, 2012 by lyrisamil

Lyris started her first Chemo treatment today.  In order to do that, they had to do surgery to insert a “port” in her chest for the chemo treatments.

This was by far the funniest moment since we began this process.  The nurse was prepping Lyris for surgery and gave her some medicine to sedate her. Lyris was just chatting away.  She is already a “talker” (like her mom) so that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. When she began slurring her words, I said “The medicine must be kicking in.” Lyris was playing with a deck of cards while still chatting away. Then I noticed the cards start falling out of her hands and her head wobbling around like a drunk (she’s still chatting and laughing at this point). Next Lyris says, “Mommy, I’m moving, Mommy, I’m moving!” She hadn’t moved an inch. She was still lying down on the bed!

Through the laughter I reached for my camera so I could record her and within a matter of seconds, she started crying that she wanted to go home.  I laughed so hard!  I told the nurse, “My baby is high!”

They inserted the port in her chest in about 30 minutes.  Sent her to recovery and she has been miserable ever since.  Well……..miserable until my husband bought her a new game for her Nintendo DS. Now all of a sudden she ‘s moving that arm she told the nurse she couldn’t move!  She was complaining, that her chest, tummy, arm and leg was hurting?? That pain was alleviated by the new Mario Kart DS game.  Thanks Daddy!!!  She also started whining that her back was itching.  We quickly discovered the itch was due to a “crumb” pile up on her back.  She had been eating crackers and grilled cheese while laying down.  That’s why your not suppose to eat in the bed.

She is having some pain but not to the level we initially thought. The hospital is great!  They have a washer/dryer, a stove and a host of activities to keep us all busy.  We ended the evening with Lyris painting about 10 different pictures.

Needless to say, Lyris first day starting chemo went really well.    Thank you all for your prayers and warm wishes!!!