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Kicking Chemo’s Butt!!!

Published August 14, 2012 by lyrisamil

We had been out of the loop since preparing for Lyris surgery and recovering.   We got used to being at home.  We forgot about doing chemo.  Lyris hair started growing back.  She looks so cute with her little fuzz.. 🙂  (We will be posting pics)

Then the time came for us to get back to the hospital for Lyris to begin her chemo again.  This is the medicine that makes her sick.

Usually, the sickness kicks in a couple of days later and she doesn’t want to do anything. This is when she becomes extremely sensitive to smells and usually she doesn’t want to eat. So we just let her sleep and make sure she’s drinking a lot of fluids. The wrong smell will cause her to vomit. She vomited a couple of times but it wasn’t bad at all. I know it sounds bad, but have you ever felt like you needed to vomit and couldn’t. You wish you could just get it out and be done with it, because once it’s over, you know you’ll feel better? With Lyris as soon as she vomited she was fine.

Things went so much different this time. Lyris was admitted on Tuesday 8/7 and released on Thursday 8/9.  Friday she was hanging out and having fun with her cousins and aunts. Saturday, she hung out some more and stayed up until 2:30am (Thanks India 🙂 Sunday, she hung out even more at a friends bowling birthday party!!! She wasn’t able to bowl, however, she did enjoy herself in the arcade. Lyris wasn’t tired at all, but mommy was worn out.

Now it’s time to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow 8/13. Lyris is soooooo excited! She can’t believe she’s going into First Grade.

The doctor said Lyris wouldn’t be able to walk for about 9 months after her surgery. They don’t know her and they don’t know the people that are praying for her. I know they have to give us the worst case scenario, but we believe Lyris will be running around again in 9 months. If you see her in action right now, you’ll understand.

Please tell someone, Lyris is kicking cancer and chemo’s butt!!


Back From New York- Almost 100%

Published August 13, 2012 by lyrisamil

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Ahhhhh!!!! Our much needed vacation was as good as it could be.  So sad it’s over.  We had a really great time being around all of our family!  Everyone was shocked we went to NY a week after Lyris surgery.  However, they were extremely happy to see how well she was doing.  Lyris and JD had a ball.  It was exactly what we needed, NORMALCY!  No in and out of the hospital.  No nurses/doctors interrupting our sleep.  No poking and prodding at Lyris…. just fun!  That’s what a child’s life is suppose to be, fun.

Lyris was sooooo excited on the plane ride.  She never went to sleep.  She talked her poor teenage neighbors ear off the entire plane ride. 

The kids got a real dose of NY.  They had a chance to see things they would have never seen in GA.  They saw and heard lots of police cars racing up and down the streets.  They were able to play outside for hours.  The weather was beautiful.  Lyris was in her wheelchair, but you would have never known.  The kids raced up and down the street and Lyris did too…. in her wheelchair.   Every game the kids played, she was right there with them.  They played like they have never played before. 

While we were in NY, I received a telephone call from the nurse.  She said ” We couldn’t wait until you came in next week, we wanted to tell you the good news now!”. I said “Okay??” a little puzzled.  The nurse said, “We got Lyris test results back from the tumor.  We usually hope for a 90% kill rate, Lyris’ was 97%!”  I said, “What does that mean?” She said, “97% of the cancer cells were killed!”  We were overjoyed.