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The end is near, yet it seems so far away!

Published November 19, 2012 by lyrisamil

The blog has been neglected. Since the last post, I had to do some major work on ME. I had not had an opportunity to take care of me. Some time as parents we feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. At some point, you have to make sure your “good” so you can be “good” for those that need you the most. I had the worst breakdown I’ve had since this journey began and my health began to be affected. STRESS WILL KILL YOU! I got it together now (for the most part).

The past few weeks has been a roller coaster. Lyris has had a couple of fevers which has caused her to be in the hospital a lot more than normal. The second fever was caused by an infection in her line. Everyone in the house has been sick. The children at the kids school have been sick. Lyris got a third fever (out of nowhere) when it was time for her to come home. She ended up having to stay the night. They never gave her any medicine for the fever. The fever went away within an hour and never came back??? We’re calling this fever a mystery?? Lyris has been sick a lot more than normal.

Lyris had been doing sooooo well!! We are so close to completing treatment, but for some reason, things are getting more difficult. Because of the infection, Lyris chemo completion date is behind a week and we will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving.

We are staying prayerful!!