Rotation WHAT???

Published July 20, 2017 by lyrisamil

Trying to explain rotationplasty is difficult.  It’s easier to show you than to tell  you.  Check out this link Bailey on “The Doctors” Bailey was around the same age as Lyris when she had her rotationplasty surgery.  She is now a teenager in high school.  We had a chance to meet Bailey, her mom Tiffany and siblings a few weeks ago.  They have been wonderful in providing support and giving us a birds eye view in what to expect. They are the reason all of our worry and concerns have diminished.  You guys ROCK!! Thank  you so much!

Lyris will finally be able to be a kid again.


3 comments on “Rotation WHAT???

  • Bailey’s dad here. Wish I had been there that day to meet you all. I’m told Lyris is a total stud and we are excited for her. The docs at Shands will take great care of you girl and her future will amaze you beyond comprehension. Tough day today that I will never forget when we went through it. Was the hardest day of my life but we made it. Welcome to the rotationplasty family of warriors!

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