I wanna get up!!

Published July 21, 2017 by lyrisamil

IMG_20170721_140712950_HDRSooooo, Lyris shocked us all this morning when she said she wanted to get up. Her surgery was completed around 9:30pm the night before and the next morning she was saying she wants to get up?!?! Huh???

Lyris has had a lot of surgeries and this was the most intense one. She has never been so eager to get up and moving. It generally takes her a couple of days to get out of bed. She kept asking for physical therapy so we finally obliged. She still has some pain (of course). She’s not quite ready to hold a conversation but she’s doing really well.

Lyris- “Can you call physical therapy” Nurse-“I already ordered it”

Lyris- (pause)- “It’s in a package?”

Nurse- (puzzled) “Huh??”

Lyris- “You said you ordered it”

We laughed hysterically!!! Physical therapy came. She got up and went for a ride in the wheelchair. They washed her up and put her back in bed. She’s in/out of sleep but doing well!


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