Published January 8, 2013 by lyrisamil

After almost 8 months of chemotherapy Lyris had her LAST dose at 4:30pm today.  Lyris will be home friday.  It’s not over, we still have to do follow up care  and scans to make sure the cancer is gone and stays gone FOREVER.  We will be going through another surgery soon to remove the port in Lyris chest. (this is how she received her chemo)  We will let you know when that will be as soon as we find out.

  The next two years she will continue with follow up and will be considered a survivor after two years of being cancer free!   i2012 has been a challenging and life changing year for our family.  All the prayers and love we have received throughout this journey has helped us get through.  We can’t thank you all enough! 

Stay tuned, because we will have a lot more going on and pictures to show.  You know Lyris hair will be growing back.  Can’t wait to share those pics with you. 


Catching up!

Published January 8, 2013 by lyrisamil

Since the last post so much has happened. Thanksgiving day we were in the hospital. We had planned on having Thanksgiving at the hospital with friends and family. However, Lyris ended up getting a very high fever around 1:00pm Thanksgiving day and we ended up cancelling all visitors.

December 15, 2012 Lyris went to the “North Pole” with dad. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Delta put on a “Fantasy Flight” for the kids. All of the kids from the Aflac Cancer Center were invited. They picked up all the kids in Limos. They had a police escort to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport where they boarded their flight to the “North Pole”. Once they arrived (they drove around the airport on the plane:)) They were greeted by Santa and Mrs. Claus and falling snow. They were interviewed by 11Alive News. (Watch Video) They had a GREAT time!! Lyris was sooooo excited. She told me that Santa lost weight. I guess he was too skinny.

CHRISTMAS- This was the best Christmas ever!! Big shout out to the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha (Georgia State University) They brought Christmas early for Lyris and JD and even did a little step show for us.:) It was great! They were great! We have been so blessed to have great people enter our lives. We will be posting pics and the video of them stepping. Thanks a lot guys we really appreciate it. Christmas day- We were all home TOGETHER!! The kids opened their presents and we laid around the house all day. Lyris and I laid in the bed and watched “A Christmas Story” twice. Our lives have been so busy, it felt good to be home together doing NOTHING.

The end is near, yet it seems so far away!

Published November 19, 2012 by lyrisamil

The blog has been neglected. Since the last post, I had to do some major work on ME. I had not had an opportunity to take care of me. Some time as parents we feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. At some point, you have to make sure your “good” so you can be “good” for those that need you the most. I had the worst breakdown I’ve had since this journey began and my health began to be affected. STRESS WILL KILL YOU! I got it together now (for the most part).

The past few weeks has been a roller coaster. Lyris has had a couple of fevers which has caused her to be in the hospital a lot more than normal. The second fever was caused by an infection in her line. Everyone in the house has been sick. The children at the kids school have been sick. Lyris got a third fever (out of nowhere) when it was time for her to come home. She ended up having to stay the night. They never gave her any medicine for the fever. The fever went away within an hour and never came back??? We’re calling this fever a mystery?? Lyris has been sick a lot more than normal.

Lyris had been doing sooooo well!! We are so close to completing treatment, but for some reason, things are getting more difficult. Because of the infection, Lyris chemo completion date is behind a week and we will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving.

We are staying prayerful!!

Don’t wait to be called, just show up!

Published October 23, 2012 by lyrisamil

When you go through a major event in your life, you expect certain people to be there.  Good or bad.  You just know “this” person or “that” person is going to be there.  No questions asked.  When there not, you can’t help but to be disappointed and hurt. 

We’re experiencing that right now.  Out of everybody, you’re not here for us,  you haven’t called, you haven’t tried to help or ask how you can help.  You haven’t shown up?? We get it, we know life is busy.  We know you have your own family to take care of.  We know! We also know that if you want to make time, you will.  We have been going through this cancer battle for six months now. You haven’t had a few free hours to visit Lyris or call? Apparently, we’re not that important to you.  But, what if it was you going through this crisis and not us?  How would you feel?  Stop, seriously, stop and ask yourself, “What if that was me”, What if that was my son?  What if that was my daughter?  What if this was my life?

Some of you may be wondering “Who are they referring to?”  Are they talking about me?  Maybe? “You” refers to a those people who claim to be “family” and “friends”. What would it take to get you to show up?  We’re six months in and you haven’t had time yet??  When will you MAKE time.  Most people make time when it’s time for a funeral.  We don’t want that.  Lyris loves visitors when she’s in the hospital!  She always ask, “Is anyone going to come see me today?  You don’t have to come bearing gifts. She has plenty of stuff. She just wants someone other than mommy and daddy all the time. She wants to feel normal. She wants someone to sit and play Candyland, cards, draw pictures, do crafts with her. Lyris likes to receive telephone calls while she’s in the hospital. Simple things.

I don’t mean to come across rude or anything but this is hard, very hard and we’re hurting. Thank you to all of the strangers and acquaintances that have shown up without hesitation. Thanks to those of you that have made meals or purchased meals for us. We really appreciate it! Thank you to the “Dance Moms” who stepped up and made it happen! We love you ladies!!!! Thank you to the friends that we haven’t spoken to in a while that have been there 500%. Thank you to the friends and family that go out of their way to sit at the hospital with Lyris or pick up JD or watch JD for us while we’re at the hospital. Thanks to the ladies that said “I can at least pay a bill for you”. They didn’t have to, but that was their way of helping. We appreciate all of you so very much!! Thanks for showing up!

Truth is……It’s harder than I make it sound in these posts.

Published October 3, 2012 by lyrisamil

When I write these posts, I try to make it informational, and as up beat and positive as I can. The reality is this, our lives have been turned upside down and inside out. Our lives have been forever changed.

Lyris is doing exceptionally well in her progression. We couldn’t be happier and more proud of her. Her parents on the other hand are having some struggles and difficulties.

This emotional roller coaster is not a ride I would recommend. As soon as we think it’s about to come to a stop….here comes another steep, scary drop.

What do you do when your home is now the hospital? What do you do when you can barely work and the income you ARE bringing in goes to gas and eating out at the hospital? What do you do when your 2-year-old says ” I want to go home” because he’s tired of being in the hospital? What do you do when you get behind on your rent/utilities? What do you do when you can’t stop crying? What do you do when your car breaks down? What do you do when people keep staring and pointing at your child as though she has two heads? What do you do when you’re the one who has to keep it all together?

Truth is…this is our reality right now and this is how we’re doing.