Ways To Help

Everyone wants to help.  A lot of people don’t know how or where to begin.  I hope this page is able to give you insight on ways you can help.  

Since we began this  journey, everyone has said “Please let me know how we can help” or “Is there anything we can do for you?”,  “Call if you need anything.”  I have always thought other people needs were  greater than mine. I never wanted to take from someone else who needed help.  I just figured, I’ll be alright.  Lyris getting diagnosed with Cancer was no different.  Initially, when people started offering help, I said “Thank You, but, we’ll be alright.” Then, something came over me and I said, “No, we need help, we need all the help we can get.  We can’t do this by ourselves.”  The hardest rock begins to crack at some point. 

When Lyris is doing her chemotherapy treatments, she has to be in the hospital 3-4 days every week for three weeks.  As parents, we still have to work.  Life doesn’t stop for those three weeks.  It gets more hectic.  We don’t get a lot of sleep during that time.  When we’re home we’re playing catch up.  We’re usually trying to catch up on things around the house, appointments, paying bills and spending quality time with our two-year old J.D.  We don’t have any time to cook, so if you do and you would like to make us a meal feel free to do so.  Thanks Shanna!!  She’s made us a few meals that have helped get us through.  If anyone is available to help us with JD (getting him to and from daycare) that would be awesome.!  These are a couple of ways you can help us.

The Aflac Center at Egleston is where Lyris is being seen.  We see a lot of families that need a support system.  There are people that drive hundreds of miles to come to this center.  Here’s how you can help some of the other children and families at the hospital. 

Become a volunteer!  Organize something at your church, school or office to donate meals, care packages, gift cards or time at the hospital.  Parents have an especially hard time trying to juggle treatment, home, other children and work.  It gets really expensive when you have to be in the hospital for a week or more.  They have a business that donates pizza to the unit  for patients and staff twice a month. 

Toys, coloring books, crayons, arts & crafts etc..are great donations to the unit.  This gives the kids opportunities to make their stay enjoyable. 

Can you imagine having to leave your young child in a hospital alone.  We met a couple of kids that were there all alone.  We bought them some “hope this brightens up your day” gifts.  Their parents were working and weren’t able to stay in the hospital with them.  The good thing is, they have wonderful volunteers at the hospital that can stay with these kids during the day. 

The hospital never closes.   So any day you have available is a good day.


3 comments on “Ways To Help

  • Hey Rin, can you let me know the days that Lyris is in the hospital so we can stop by. Also how old do you have to be to be a volunteer Tasci wants to help. Let me know by email or text thanks!

  • loved the blog. Very Special. where is the aflac center located? xoxoxoxo get well fast!! xxoxoxoxox tara cottone and family! where is aflac center located?

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